In Case of Emergency

Use your mobile phone for an emergency call, the number is 911

If you need medical service

The nearest Urgent Care Center is only 4 minutes away.

1708 Cape Coral Pkwy W, Unit 2, Cape Coral, FL 33914
Phone +1 (239) 333-3333

In Case you need Physical Therapy

We highly recommend Helmhands Massage

909 SE 47th Terrace, Suite 203-2, Cape Coral, FL 33904
Phone +1 (239) 823-8892

Scott Helm, Massage Therapist for 15 years, offers different kinds of massages, as well as body work. Massages for pain relief and/or dysfunction syndromes, as well as wellness massages. Scott offers massages at home (house calls). Try a massage on your pool deck and enjoy the privacy. For sure you can also make an appointment at one of the 3 offices.