Pool, Spa & Boatdock

We have made some renovations and upgrades over the last 3 years, which unfortunately are not yet photographed.

The boat dock was enlarged by another area and a 160 sqft large and illuminated Tiki hut was built.

We also renewed the dining table to a teak wooden one with 8 wooden chairs.

The relaxing lounge was replaced with a larger one.

Until the final pictures are finished, you will get a first impression here.


The Villa Coral Laguna has a large patio facing west with an oversized infinity pool. The oversized, luxury pool offers more than enough space for a wonderful bathing pleasure for all guests. Furthermore it has an overflow of more than 19ft, a so-called "Vanishing Edge". This not only provides a permanently cleaner water surface compared to normal skimmers, but also offers a wonderful view of the boat dock and the canal while bathing. Of course, the pool is equipped with an environmentally friendly and energy-saving heat pump.
Thanks to the technically advanced electrolysis process for disinfection, the addition of chlorine is unnecessary. You will not have any typical chlorine irritations. For this highly technical pool only devices of the market leader were used. Thanks to the precisely tailored insulating bubblefoil for Pool & Spa, the water temperature remains pleasantly warm after heating even in winter. This saves electricity costs for the heater and enables you to enjoy a pleasant bathing temperature all year round. Also in the winter months 86F pool temperature and above are possible without problems, for the Spa within a couple of minutes also 100F...thus more than in every bathtub.


Often copied in the meantime, yet never reached, is a very special, unusual highlight: the heated spa, which is free-standing in the pool and invites you to a whirlpool bath with its 360-degree overflow and a blower. The spa is surrounded by a sunledge with a foot-deep water level. Like the pool, the spa is also equipped with energy-saving LED colored illumination with atmospheric color changes. The planting of the pool area is also equipped with LED lighting, as is the outdoor area. In the evening enjoy a warm or even hot bubble bath with your family or friends. Up to 6 people will find enough space in this special spa at Villa Coral Laguna. The LED lighting with color change conjures up unforgettable atmospheres on the pool area.

Boat Dock, Captains Walk & Tiki Hut

The more than 700sqft large boat dock with Captainswalk and Tiki hut is not only meant for the boaters among you. Here you will find a sunny place to relax and for other activities such as fishing. Of course you will also find several fishing rods with many accessories in our extensive equipment. Maybe you will take care of the dinner yourself, because the offer of fishing is more than rich.